Oil and Gas Field Sampling

When it comes to oil and gas field sampling and analysis, safety standards should be first priority.

Finding industry professionals who are committed to safety, and quality sampling that is completed by a field service team with experience and understanding of measurement, process flow and production is key to efficiency and accuracy.

Intricate is committed to providing quality sampling and analytical services. Sampling that can be customized to meet your needs and include safety. Selecting the best possible sample point, and maintaining sample integrity to avoid re-sampling, will ensure accurate results and reduce costs.

Intricate offers scheduling programs that keep track of scheduled frequencies and ensure you always remain compliant and your company needs are met. Intricate is knowledgeable in all AER directives and work to maintain compliance while reducing sampling where applicable.

If the oil and gas industries biggest concern is minimizing the amount of waste while maximizing efficiency, trust in a company who is experienced and reputable for support and delivery of accurate results.

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3 challenges in transporting oil and natural gas

3 challenges in transporting oil and natural gas

Transportation of oil and natural gas is not only difficult but risky as well. There have been many incidents of oil spills or explosions in pipelines. These are the major challenges of transporting these products to long distances.

Production has increased

The oil and gas production has increased due to the high demand for these products. Canada is producing lots of oil and gas. Due to the latest oil system reform, the oil production in Mexico has also increased. There is lack of infrastructure to transport these oil and gas.

Has to travel long distance

Oil and gas are now being extracted from remote locations. So, unlike the easily accessible locations, it takes a lot of time and improved management system to transport these products from the remote locations. A number of extra interstate pipelines are necessary to transport gas to long distances.

Possibility of more accidents

As the transportation system needs to be expanded due to the increased production of oil and gas, there is more possibility of accidents like oil spills and explosions.

Due to more availability of these products, the consumer demand will also increase more in turn. So, the oil companies have to look for new locations to extract oil and gas. Transporting these products will become a major problem again. Companies must find out ways to meet these challenges and improve the infrastructure to easily transport these products to destinations.

Infographic by: www.aboutpipelines.com