Energy Services in Alberta and BC

As many of you already know, Alberta is Canada’s top province when it comes to energy services and the oil industry. However it is worth noting that with the re-election of a Liberal agenda in Canada, 2020 could prove testy for both Alberta and British Columbia. Most Canadians have seen the recent decent-ion of Western Canada over the re-election of Trudeau and Alberta’s oil workers are amongst the most concerned.

On a more positive note: after 4 out of 5 years of energy sector losses in Canada, 2020 is expected to rise an additional $2 billion in oil and gas. But with projects like the Teck mine on the ropes with government approval, there is hope that Premier Kenney will pull a rabbit from a hat and get approval. This would substantially change the 2020 forecast. The one most active in helping Alberta’s improved economic environment is largely due to provincial government policies which include slashing corporate tax rates and easing of oil production curtailment levels.

But back on track with the subject of this blog post, let us talk about energy services industry in these two immensely important provinces. What is an ESCO? By definition, ESCO is an acronym for Energy Service Company. This is a company that provides services such as fuel flare venting, meter proving, commissioning and startup, sampling and analysis and electrical and instrumentation to name a few.

There’s also no shortage of companies to chose from when consider energy services but none more reliable and renowned as Harvest Oilfield Services. Why? Let us explain…

Harvest Oilfield Service Inc. began in 2005 with a single high pressure wash and steam truck and was based in Central Alberta. Today, the company boasts 12-14 full time employees with over a dozen mobile boiler trucks and is growing at a phenomenal rate. As demands by regular everyday Canadians rises within the energy sector, Harvest understands the importance of matching the pace of this trend.

Fox Creek shutdowns and turnarounds

Harvest Oilfield Service Inc. has satellite locations including providing Fox Creek shutdowns and turnarounds service via this highly reliable company.

The Fox Creek office also boasts coverage for chemical plant shutdowns, refinery turnarounds, and rail car and yard cleaning with steam. Harvest has remote offices also in Manning, Peace River, Bonnyville, Whitecourt, Fort St. John and Drayton Valley.

Additionally Harvest also has principal offices in Sherwood Park and Calgary. Services from those include providing Edmonton facility maintenance turnarounds, Edmonton chemical cleaning, and facility modifications.

It is important to note also that Harvest Oilfield Services offers a vast scope of mobile boiler services and other energy services.